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Brain Drops

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"You discover so many new ideas that can improve your life dramatically—and you will feel it every time that you open the book!"

This beautiful ebook will teach you thousands of lessons and ideas from over 250 award-winning and bestselling non-fiction books including more than 50 New York Times Bestsellers.

Knowledge on over 1.000 Pages

The collection spans over 2500 years of human knowledge and each point has the potential to drives new ideas and content for you powered by wisdom in philosophy, psychology, business, education, science, religion, politics, marketing & business, arts, literature, and many other fields.

The first edition has been loved by hundreds of readers. With this extended edition, you can read, discover, learn, copy, steal, share, or sing them in any way possible on all your devices.

You will get the collection as a PDF (1.000+ pages), epub, and Mobi file, so that it works without any restrictions on any platform including Apple, Windows, Android, Linux, Amazon, Nook, etc.

Readers love it

  • "The book selection is absolutely astounding!" (Sebastian)
  • "I just want to tell you how awesome this project is." (Max)
  • "I learned more in the last 30 minutes than I did in my 15.000 Euro Marketing studies." (Nils)
  • "This is amazing!!" (Parth)
  • "If you read just one book this year, make it this one!" (Sören)
  • "The ultimate collection of human shower-thoughts" (Erol)

More Facts

  • Word count: 216.000+
  • Reading time: 30+ hours (slow) or 12+ hours (fast)
  • Impact on your life: You will learn so many new things that have the potential to improve your life dramatically—and you will feel it every time that you open the book!

It will help you to

  • Discover some of the best ideas from over 250 bestselling non-fiction books*
  • Improve your personal and professional communications
  • Grow your own competence and decision-making
  • Learn something meaningful every day for over years
  • Find referenced ideas in seconds
  • Fill your social media profiles with 5 posts per day for 2.3 years
  • Discover interesting non-fiction & science books based on the discussed ideas and get the full version with a single click.

* The total price of all current books would be around 3.600€.


The proceeds of the book will support my non-profit projects:

  • Our school: We build a school close to nature where currently 70 children learn in the first to fourth grade. The school will eventually be home for more than 300 kids.

  • Our community: With Project Eva, we are currently planning to help 280 families to move to the countryside where we live and start a new community of makers and creators close to nature.

Refund Policy

If you're not 100% satisfied with the purchase, or it's not what you were expecting, just reply to the download email within 30 days, and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

I want this!


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