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A massive Airtable library that helps you to generate smart content in seconds and minutes. The database holds selected wisdom and ideas from over 250 bestselling books across 13 categories.

It allows you to improve your content in seconds. No matter if you write social media posts, presentations, guest articles, or other content. 

All 4.100+ entries are enriched with a large amount of additional information so that you can instantly use the ideas, studies, and quotes into your copy, social media, personal or professional writing.

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It's super fast. The 10-second method

The database is designed for speed and ultra-fast research. That's why you can instantly access all information through one interface. At the same time, the library comes with over 40 filters, so that you can easily modify the content to your needs and only look at the information that you need:

1. Do you need a supporting argument for a statement that you make? 5 seconds.

2. Do you need a clever idea about growth? 5 seconds.

3. Do you need an idea for a new topic to write about? 10 seconds.

4. Do you need prewritten quotes for your social media stream? 10 seconds.


Enrich your writing quickly with instant access to thousands of ideas and thoughts from over 250 authors, entrepreneurs, philosophers, psychologists, scientists, and creatives

Create dozens and hundreds of posts for Social Media in seconds

✅ Enrich your content and posts with instant access to 800+ beautiful artworks and high-definition photographs

Save hundreds of hours on research and writing. Thanks to over 40+ filters, you can instantly create interesting collections of thoughts and ideas to work with. And thanks to the additional information about the book, author, rating, links, and many other snippets, you can dramatically enrich your own content in seconds and minutes.

The Library

The library contains ideas and quotes from 250+ bestselling books across 13 different categories. Take a look at the full booklist ↗︎


  • 4100+ quotes from 250+ bestselling books
  • 20k+ auto-generated content snippets
  • 50+ New York Times bestsellers
  • 180k+ words
  • 800+ artworks in the library
  • 40+ filters
  • 13 book categories
  • In-depth biographies


What format does the library have?
The library sits inside an Airtable ↗︎ base. With the purchase, you receive the link and a password so that you can access it on any device.

Can I modify the database and make it my own?

If the current library with all its entries are not enough and you would like to have the whole library for your agency, business, or organization, please get in touch and I can create a dedicated database for you and the number of colleagues that you would like to use it with.

Do you update the library?

Yes. I read a lot and I will update the database regularly throughout the year. I will also add more features and apps. My goal is to offer an even greater collection of useful information and pre-written content, to make your content better and life easier.

If you have ideas or requests, please send them my way.

Can I share the database with colleagues or friends?

Yes, technically you can. There are software solutions that prevent that from being possible, but since speed and the user experience are important to me, I decided to share the library itself.

That's why I would politely ask that you don't share it with others and instead encourage them to purchase a copy as well. The revenue helps me to fund my non-profit projects: The school that I'm building and a tech community in the countryside.

Do you offer an affiliate program?
Yes. If you are interested in promoting the library, I'm more than happy to share the revenue for your efforts. Just send me an email and I add you the same day.

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Brain Drops Pro

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